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Please prepare your paper in MS Word according to the following instructions. And submit your papers and the Paper Submission Form by email attachments to ICCCAconf@163.com by the given deadline (it is unnecessary to submit an abstract in advance). All papers should be no less than 4 pages (4) in length and must be written in strict accordance with the format (template download). Shorter papers (3) should not be included in the journal.


IN CHINESE (中国投稿作者指南)


(2)请严格按照模板的格式编排(论文模板)。全文长度要求必须等于或多于4(4)。文章长度为3页或以下 (3)的论文不予接收。

(3)采用邮件附件的形式, 将论文初稿发送到邮箱:ICCCAconf@163.com


Important Information

ICCCA 2023 Secretariat:

Editor Ye

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Important Times

Submission deadline:

December 17, 2023

Registration deadline:

December 22, 2023



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